Parent Testimonials

Our time at Genesis has been exceptional. We moved to Genesis after the preschool my daughter attended closed.  After many recommendations and prayers, I made the call to Ms. Beth and I am so thankful I did.  Ms. Beth and the teachers genuinely care and love their students. My daughter’s needs were met socially and academically, and I am more than confident she is ready for kindergarten. There was never a day where my daughter was not ecstatic over the day’s lessons and activities. She gained confidence and pride and has an early love for school that I could not be happier about. – Mallory

We sent our Son and Daughter to Genesis and we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience.  Our son was not a fan of school because it is hard for him. As a parent that can be tough to see and accept that your child struggles with learning. We felt so supported and that they truly cared about our son’s success all while sharing their concerns and insights. That helped drive us to get to the root of his struggles. It may have taken us many years, but I will never forget our conversation that gave us that nudge to advocate for our son! Our daughter is currently enrolled and endured the 2020 shutdown. Genesis put our kids first throughout all of the unknowns. They came up with creative ways to show how much they love our kids by having a drive by parade and virtual school to name a few.  The level of multisensory lessons Genesis provides to their students is what stands out the most to me. Not all kids learn the same, Genesis uses creative ways to tie the lesson in with the activities for the day in order to reach all kinds of learners whether it is by baking donuts for the letter “O” or kickboxing on Muscle Monday for the letter “K”.  This is not a worksheet school, of course there are a few, but it is more of a hands-on approach which allows the kids to connect and be creative.  My daughter is so happy this is HER school. – Kara

GELA is such a great school, with amazing staff! We have been a “Genesis Family” for 3 years now. Having gotten to know each of Anna’s teachers over the years, we could not be happier with what she has gained both academically and socially. We look forward to sending our son in the fall, knowing he will love school just like Anna does. Many thanks to the staff for all they do to make each child and family feel special! – Cassie

“I could not be happier with my children’s experience at this preschool.  The teachers genuinely cared for our children, and understood how to reach each child based on their own personalities and needs.  I am confident that the program enabled both the social and academic growth necessary for them to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.  Perhaps most telling — my kids absolutely loved going to school every day!” – Jenna

“I can’t say enough about our experience at Genesis.  We moved to Pittsburgh last summer, and when I called Ms Beth to learn about the program, she couldn’t have been more down to earth, patient and helpful. I knew it was where our son was meant to be.  He is almost through the Pre-K program with Ms Amber and he has excelled in it. He loves his teachers, he’s grown a great deal academically, he comes home with new pieces of thought about God and overall – he LOVES going to school and is prepared for the transition to Kindergarten.  While I know he will miss his Genesis family next year, we are excited to stay a part of it as our youngest enters the 3s program in the Fall. We can’t thank the staff at Genesis enough for making our transition to Pittsburgh such a great one, and for caring about our little man and helping him grow the way they have.” – Brea

Rose Ann

“We are so thankful for Ms Beth, and the preschool staff.  As Grandparents it’s so nice to drop off our grandson and watch his excitement as he is welcomed by his bubbly and truly caring teachers.  We look forward to all the excitement and pride our grandson shows as he shares what he learns everyday.” – Rose Ann

julie“Logan learned to love school while also developing a special bond with his teachers; they truly became part of Logan’s extended family. Everyone was committed to getting him ready for kindergarten and we feel they were successful.” – Julie